Monday, August 27, 2012

3 Lovely Ladies...

These little ladies belong to a new Compassion Project in Jhansi, India. St Paul's Child Development Center, IN978, has only been open for a month. A few days ago, when I first looked up IN978 on the website, 10 girls were waiting for sponsors. Now, just 3 girls remain on the site! I don't know who sponsored them, but I do know that God has heard my prayers. I am continuing to pray for these last three girls.

My little Leah wants to use her "whiteboard money" to sponsor Kajal...I'm not sure we can swing it right now with our other commitments. But Leah told me that Kajal is beautiful and she needs a sponsor! Kajal likes to play with dolls and play house. She is just 5 years old, like Leah.

Little Shilpa and pretty Neha are also five. Would you like to make one of these girls part of your family? Follow this link to view profiles for these girls:

Here are a few things you should know about this area...
1. Only 2% of the population is Christian. You could be instrumental in sharing the hope of Christ in this unreached region.
2. An article was written about human trafficking and the cycle of poverty in Jhansi. Follow this link to the Los Angeles Times:

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