Wednesday, September 26, 2012

5 Days, 5 Prayers...

As each second towards Sunday ticks by, my heart races a little faster.

It could be the RC Cola I just drank...but I don't think so.

It's going to be a GREAT Lord's day.

This is my new friend Jey.

I met him a few weeks ago at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens thanks to fellow Compassion Advocate Kimberly Dionne-Ghaussy. A lot of you read about our visit in my blog post "Orchids." Jey is a formerly sponsored child through Compassion International. He grew up in slums near Nairobi, Kenya. He now resides in Atlanta and works as a succesful deejay, using his God-given talents to speak up for children around the world who are waiting for hope.

Sunday will be Jey and Kim, part two.

I am so blessed to have Jey Mbiro partnering with me on Sunday to host three events for Compassion. Three churches, three opportunities for people to respond to God's heart for the poor through the ministry of Compassion International.

In a way, I'm a nervous wreck. There are a lot of "What if's..."

What if no one shows up?

What if no one responds?

What if I forgot something HUGE?

I have 45 child packets representing 45 very real children with VERY real needs. 7 of these children have been waiting for over a year for a sponsor. 28 are from a brand new project in India just opened in area where only 2% of the population has heard about Christ. This area has a high rate of child exploitation and human trafficking. 12 of these precious children are from Kenya.

Yet in my mind, I KNOW that these are GOD'S children. I know that He has a great plan for their lives. I know that He is for them, for me, and for Jey. With my God, there are no "what if's."

So I'm asking you to pray. 5 days, 5 prayers, even if they are just for a minute. Will you join me as I pray for each and every one of these precious children to find loving sponsors? To pray for God to open His floodgates of blessing as Jey shares his awesome testimony? To pray that God will cause any seeds planted in the hearts of the hearers to blossom into sponsorship?

Today, I ask you to pray for the children. Lift up to God a prayer of thanksgiving for each of their tiny lives, for the wonderful potential they have, for the little piece of His image that each of them so clearly displays. Thank Him for giving them a voice through Jey's ministry. Pray that God will match them with the perfect sponsor in HIS time.

Thankyou, sweet Father, for the blessing to speak on behalf of your children. I thank you for each precious life, for each family represented, for each future that You have in mind for them. I thank You for seeing their need and for permitting sponsors across the world the opportunity to reach out and touch You as we reach out and touch them. Will You protect them jealously, guarding their hearts, their minds, their bodies from the destruction of the Enemy? Will You give them bright, sparkling hope through the ministry of Compassion and the sponsor You have in mind for them? You are good. I thank You for coming, for dying, for rising again to put this world back on track towards a time when there will be no more hunger, disease, suffering, hardship, and dying. Until that time, may I ever be an extension of Your hands. In Jesus Name...

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  1. May God bless you, Jey, the children, and the future sponsors beyond all you can ask or imagine!!! You will all be in my prayers!!!