Thursday, September 20, 2012

Orphaned Sisters...

Okay friends...I'm having a Compassion moment. These little ladies stole my heart.

You see, Melany and Emily are sisters.

Orphaned sisters.

Living in extreme poverty.

In an area with a high rate of child exploitation.

They are the ages of my own little Leah and Benjamin. It crushes me to think of little ones deprived of their mother and father...

Will one of you take these little Colombian princesses into your heart and family? Will you be the one to pour encouragement into their hearts, to let them know that they are not alone?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if these girls could share a loving sponsor, who could be to them a dear mother or father? It would make my heart happy...

And I think it would make God's heart happy.

I'll extend the bargain I made a while back. If any of you are willing to sponsor these girls, I will pay your first month's sponsorship for BOTH of them.

Just follow the links and let me know!!

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MelanyAlexandra Gonzalez Bonilla
Age: 4, February 24, 2008
She enjoys telling stories and playing with dolls.

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Emily Yuliana Gonzalez Bonilla
Age: 5, November 7, 2006
She enjoys telling stories, playing with dolls, and group games.

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