Wednesday, January 9, 2013


This is Gabriel....

He is handsome.

He is playful.

He is ticklish!

He is curious.

He is vibrant and full of life.

He will soon be an orphan.

When you read his profile on, You read that he lives with his mother and his brother. What you don't read is that his mother is 21 and dying of AIDS, and his older brother is only 8 years old. You don't read that he is need of HIV testing. You don't read that this is one truly vulnerable child whose world desperately needs nurture and stability.

I know these things because I held this baby, talked to this baby, pushed this baby on the swingset. While we are at DR302, this boy stole our hearts even before his story slowly unfolded.

You could be the one to provide security, comfort, and life-saving treatment for this boy. Sadly, you could be the one to unfold a letter from him that reads, "My mother died." But you can also be the one that steps in as a mother and father for this child, pouring in encouragement and the comfort of Christ.

Pray about it. When you decide, let me know. It will launch a small chain of events. You click the link on and sponsor Gabriel. I send an email to my friend Nujerling, a graduate of DR302, who will then go to the center. What joy there will be at the center when Gabriel receives a gift in your name and the news that he finally has a sponsor! You will become the proud owner of my small stash of photos of Gabriel. And your heart will have opened to take in one of the least of God's of the greatest in His Kingdom!

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