Thursday, July 11, 2013

Scavenger Hunt

I have seen a lot of interesting things during my trips to the developing world. For example...
A severed donkey head hanging from a store front.

5 horses INSIDE a house.

A chicken strolling through the bakery.

This does not include the things I have seen on the back of a motorcycle, like:

A family of 8.

A washing machine.

A kitchen table.

A dog.

This month, the Compassion Blogger's team is putting on a scavenger hunt of third-world finds. Here's the list! Some of them I have photos of already, and some I'm going to have to find. Have fun looking! And hey...enter the contest yourself! They are giving away some cool prizes including books, t-shirts, and a $25 gift for your sponsored child! Check out the rules at

baby scale

braided hair (Danushka, Batey Esperanza, DR)

kids playing soccer

church sign (Oasis CDI, DR)

country flag (In Santo Domingo, DR)

farmers market (Batey Consuelo, DR)

flip phone (Didn't have to look far for this one--I use a flip phone. The money we save is enough to sponsor another child!)

food staple (rice at HO372)

goat or cow (Xiomara's family works on a farm in Honduras!)

sewing machine

seeds or grain (Passion fruit; sugar this goo and eat it seeds and all...yum!!)

stethoscope (Nujerling Vargas Santana, DR LDP graduate!)

Spelling out your sponsored child's name: ANDREA

(Above the meat counter at Jumbo in San Pedro de Macoris, DR)

N (From the wall at DR482)

D: (From the wall of the church in Las Colinas, San Pedro de Macoris)

R: (Written by Enrique Pierre, a 12-year old who was writing his name for the first time)
E: (Sprayed on the yard wall of DR302)
A: (Sunday School sign in Batey Esperanza)





  1. I love the photos that you have already!!!! I think this is such a neat assignment...I'm having fun finding photos!!

    1. For sure, Hannah! Amazingly, I have no photos of kids playing soccer! The DR kids prefer baseball, so I have a lot of pictures of that...but no soccer!