Thursday, August 15, 2013

Your love never fails...

Ever get the feeling that you don't have enough love to go around? Enough time, enough resources, enough patience? Ever just feel like you aren't enough?

I lead a busy life. Between my husband, children, extended family, Compassion family, work family, and church family, I feel like I am always forgetting someone and something. I feel like my heart is a dandelion, divided in a million pieces and then blown to the farthest corners of the earth. Every new relationship in my life means another piece to be scattered.

Or does it?

Somehow, I never seem to run out of love. The more pieces of my heart I give away, the more it seems I have to give. The richer my life becomes. The more joy fills my days.

When I visit the Dominican Republic, my friend Nujerling often repeats in exasperation, "Kim, you love everyone." This happens a lot after visiting a Compassion project or the hospital or the Batey when I am saying, "Oh, I love ______." I guess Nujerling isn't really saying that as a bad thing...

And I have learned never fails. The source of love is Love itself--God. The farther down the roots of love sink into my Heavenly Father, the farther up and out love can grow

Where love is, the time will follow. The resources will follow. The desire will follow. No wonder the Bible emphasizes, over and over, that we should "Love one another deeply, from the heart." (I Peter 1:22b)

With that being said, I didn't necessarily go to Honduras looking for more relationships. I knew relationships would form, grow, and deepen. I guess what I mean is that I wasn't shopping for another sponsored child. It wasn't my idea.

But I got chosen. Someone came and plucked the flower of love from my heart and tucked it behind her ear. It just happened. From day one, she just wanted to be with me. We didn't do anything fun. I would find myself painting with one hand while she held the other. I would be drinking a juice and she would end up with one too. I'd snap a photo and she would want to try. My high heels became an invitation for an impromptu dress-up party. During Luz's Quinceanera, I danced with my husband...while holding this little girl's hand. We certainly didn't talk much considering my level of Spanish and her level of English...but we didn't have to. Somehow, we just loved each other.

Her name is Jessarela, and for me, she is an example of how God lets His love grow in my He reminds me that He never runs out. I am hoping in a few weeks to see her sweet face appear on my Compassion profile. I'm trusting God to make this happen!


  1. What a precious girl!!! I hope that you are able to sponsor her quickly! She'll be so excited!!

  2. I came straight from your instagram post. I am a Compassion advocate and a Volunteer Coordinator for West Tennessee. I love your heart for this little girl! The pictures alone tell a story. Love, @onedaylighter. xo