Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Kim's Compassion: Get Organized!

I am in the process of converting the posts from my Facebook Page, Kim's Compassion, over to my blog so that that will be "Pinterest-able"!

From July 5, 2013:

I want to open up some conversation about what you do to stay organized as a sponsor! What are the essentials, whether you sponsor or correspond with one child or with a bunch of children! I am going to be sharing my must-haves.

First: Every sponsor's brag book. You need a 3-ring binder with sheet protectors to keep your precious letters in! If you have multiple children, stay organized by making a divider for each child!

Step Two: This makes life SO much easier when I am writing letters. Print a page 9or build a spreadsheet) listing the name, age, birthday, and child number of each child you sponsor. I wrote mine in birthday order. I keep this in the front of the view binder I use to hold my letters.

Step 3: Stationary. You don't have to wait until your child writes to get stationary. You can create your own! I buy packages of fun paper at the Dollar Tree and then print the lines myself at home! Just be sure to leave space for your name, your sponsor ID, your child's name, and your child's ID!

Step 4: My goody box! When I find an awesome paper gift, I buy it and bring it home to put in my box of treasures to mail out to my sponsored kids. Keep in mind that all paper gifts must be made of paper, bendable cardboard, or super thin plastic (think sheet protectors) and must be less than 1/4" thick. Gifts must fit in a 9 x 12 envelope or smaller. Get creative!

Step 5: I have printed correspondence logs for each of my children. I printed them on cardstock so they will hold up. I am putting these behind the dividers in my binder for each child! I am hoping this will help me keep up with what I write about to each child. It can get confusing!

Step 6: Labels. Yep, pretty simple, but such a life saver when it comes time to label the pictures and extra paper gifts that I send. I only have to print maybe 2-3 times per year! I learned this from a sponsor on my first tour to the DR.

Shopping List:
  • a binder (size considering the # you sponsor)
  • dividers (for multiple children)
  • sheet protectors
  • address labels (I use Avery 5160)
  • card stock
  • fun stationary paper, 8 1/2 x 11
  • large manila envelopes (mailings can be up to 8 1/2 x 11 and less than 1/4 inch thick)
  • plastic crate to keep goodies in
  • "Goodies" (A.K.A. special paper items like stickers, puzzles, etc.)


  1. I am def using some of these ideas,thank you so much! I love all of these ideas!!-since I don't have a Facebook I didn't get to see them till now :)

  2. Well I am going to use some of these myself. Especially the binder and page protectors. That was I have it at my finger tips what I have written about.

  3. Just shared this one on Pinterest on the For New Sponsors page :)

  4. I love this!
    We just began our 6th sponsorship and I've been trying to get organized in ways that will help us to better watch these children develop, and will also help us to write more effectively. Thank you!