Thursday, February 13, 2014

Kim's Compassion: Something in Common...20 Relational Prompts!

We live in different worlds. Often, we live on different continents. What we do every day is different. We eat different foods, do different chores, see different faces. Our relationships with our sponsored children can be defined by differences.




And yet, aren't some things the same?

We have something BIG in common--

We both want to know one another!

I believe God has matched each child and each sponsor for His purpose in each of our lives. As we build our relationship, we begin to fulfill that purpose. Getting to know each other can erase so many of our differences!

Here is a list of letter-writing ideas that can help you overcome your differences. They are projects that you and your sponsored child can do together! Each activity will give you and your child the opportunity to connect in a meaningful way--and distance isn't an issue!
Tracing returned from Sohil in India!
1. Send a tracing or print of your hand or foot. Send blank paper so they can send the same.
2. Share some funny stories. Ask that they share one!
3. Write a short book! Send a blank book.
4. Make a piece of art. Send materials so they can make one too.
5. Send list of your favorite smells. Ask for a list in return!
6. Take pictures of 5 of the prettiest things you have ever seen; ask that they draw pictures for you!
7. Follow the same Bible reading plan. Send a response sheet.
8. Make leaf rubbings from your yard. Ask that they use a pencil or charcoal to make rubbings for you!
9. Draw a self-portrait. Send paper so they can draw one for you!
10. Send a tracing of your body. Cut it out! Send a piece of paper big enough to trace their whole body for you!
11.Send a set of hand-decorated notecards. Send blank notecards and have your child decorate them for you.
12. Do a survey among your friends of favorite colors and send a graph. Ask your child to do the same.
13. Start a collection together; when you buy for you, buy for your child--stickers, stamps, postcards!
14. Plant a tree or bush for your child. Update them with photos!
15. Do a challenge together: How many times can you jump on one foot? How far can you run in one minute? Can you count how many times your name is said in one day? How many friends can you make say the word "candy" in one day? Try something silly and fun!
16. Send a list of Bible verses to memorize a week for a year!
17. Share your funniest dream. Ask your child to share a dream!
18. Declare a holiday to celebrate your friendship! Take photos of how you celebrate...and ask your child to do something special on that day. It doesn't require money!
19. Share your nicknames. Ask your child to share his or hers!
20. Make two paper dolls from cardstock. Carry one everywhere you go for a day and tell your child about your doll's adventures. Send the other doll to your child and ask him or her to tell about what they did!

Look forward to fun and interactive responses!

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  1. I've been a sponsor for 10 years now, and I have to admit it is hard to come up with new ideas to write about, but you have several great things here that I have never done. Great list. Thank you! This will help so much the next time my letter topic well goes dry :)