Monday, June 9, 2014

Kim's Compassion: World Cup Fun

I am not a big sports fan...

But I do have a favorite athlete.

Her name is Luz Maria and she is a soccer star!

During our visit to Honduras last month, we had the amazing opportunity to watch our sponsored child play in a soccer tournament. How many sponsors get to do that?? It was amazing to get to step into Luz Maria's life and see all of the beautiful facets of her life--including this intense, athletic side.

Soccer (or futbol) is huge in Honduras. The "cancho" was packed with adults and children who came out to watch the tournament. Girls and boys teams competed.

Right now, the entire Latin world is consumed in World Cup fever. Jerseys, backpacks, wrist bands, and even calendars featuring World Cup teams are in high demand. On game nights, the streets empty as fans go in to watch their home team represent their country.

Do you have a soccer fan in your Compassion family? I am sure that a letter about the World Cup would be a big hit! Be sure to include some of these fun, free printables.


  1. Thanks Kim! I shared this on Compassion's Letter Writing Pinterest board :)

  2. I'm so glad you shared this here! And what a neat opportunity to each your Luz play. I was crazy about soccer in high school and I'm so excited about the upcoming World Cup!

  3. World Cup euphoria was really high a few months back, especially with the youth. I even witnessed the craze when the game took place. Banners and shirts that are printed with the logos of their favorite teams and players were everywhere! Anyway, I hope you managed to get an autograph of Luz Maria, since you were there to watch her play. All the best!

    Jennine Stalder @ Uniform Express