Sunday, February 22, 2015

Kim's Compassion: More precious than...

This Easter, we wanted to take a moment to remind our sponsored children of the powerful message of Easter.

What could possibly affirm a child's worth more than reminding them of the incredible price God was willing to pay to have a relationship with them?

Here is a copy of the letter we shared with our children:

How do you decide how much something is worth? Worth is what makes something useful or desirable. What is something that is valuable in your community? Perhaps a piece of fertile farmland, a fruit tree loaded with delicious fruit, a cow that produces milk, a strong horse, or a car or motorcycle? Perhaps gold, silver, or precious jewels? These things are valuable because people need or want them or because there are not very many of them. Usually people figure out how valuable something is based on how useful it is or how rare it is.

How does God determine value? A piece of fertile farmland or a fruitful tree or a strong, productive animal is nothing to the One who made the entire universe. Gold, silver, and precious jewels are nothing to the One who paves His streets with gold and decorates his walls with all kinds of jewels. What does God consider valuable?

There is one thing that the Bible tells us that God paid a high price for. God gave up His only precious Son to pay the price for our sins. WE are valuable to God. We know this because He made the greatest possible sacrifice to show us His love. I Peter 1:18-19 say “It was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed…but with the precious blood of Christ.”

Never forget how valuable you are to God. He paid a great price for you! You are valuable to Him because He made you and you bear His image. You are one of His precious children! You can also be useful by serving Him and telling others of His great love for them. This Easter, I pray that you will remember the value that Jesus placed on you when He sacrificed Himself for you. I pray that you will rejoice that He rose from the dead and lives in your heart if you accept His priceless gift of salvation!
We crafted Easter cards from cardstock and leftover scrapbooking paper. You simply fold the cardstock, cut out a cross using an exacto knife, and glue the scrapbook paper behind the cutout so that the pattern shows through on the front.
You can then use the cutout cross to make a pretty, personalized bookmark expressing the truth of the gospel--Christ sacrifice was personal.
I hope that you find a wonderful way to share Easter with your Compassion family!

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  1. These are beautiful! Such a great idea that I'm keeping in mind for next year.