Friday, April 24, 2015

Kim's Compassion: Photo Folders

*8.5 x 11 card stock
*4 x 6 photo pages that hold 6 photos. Don't forget to order prints to fill the slots!
*Fun stickers, a stapler, and a sharpie or markers.

Are you looking for a nice way to send photos to your sponsored child? These colorful mini photo folders are simple to make.

First, fill your photo sleeves. Then staple one end of the sleeve to the top of a sheet of card stock, far to the left side of the paper.
Then, fold the photos under.
Fold the card stock, leaving a small flap like an envelope.
Decorate the front with fun stickers and your child's name.
Don't forget to include a special message for your child in the blank space inside. Also be sure to write your sponsor ID number as well as your sponsored child's name and ID number somewhere on the folder.

When your child opens the folder, the photos will stand up for display!

These folders are a fun way to share family photos, vacation memories, or to teach your child about something new. You could create an album of animals that live in your area or a gallery of paintings by famous artists! Get creative! I'm sure that our family will make these folders again and again!


  1. Those are so fun!! I'm going to share this with the folks coming to our letter writing party to see if they'd be interested in trying them out!!!

  2. Can you send plastic photo sleeves?

    1. Yes, Bev. They go through fine. You can send thin photo albums as well (the kind with the soft plastic cover).

  3. I just made these with my daughter for our sponsored children. They turned out BEAUTIFULLY! I'm so excited. Thanks for sharing the idea.