Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kim's Compassion: Talk Scents!

Here are a few fun, new items to send to your sponsored children!
These cardboard air fresheners are individually wrapped and come three to a package. This is a fun way to introduce sensory discussions--write about smells in your community/home that you like and ask your kids to share their favorite scents! 
It is important to keep this factory wrapped so that they do not cause a problem with customs.
Another way to add a little beauty to your sponsored child's world is to include some perfume or cologne samples in their letter. When I was a child, I would tear them out of magazines and rub them on my wrists--and feel so much fancier! You can get these for free at any perfume counter.


  1. What a cool idea! I would have never thought to send something like this!

  2. This is wonderful! I have been sending scratch and sniff stickers, but I love this idea too. Thank you for sharing!