Saturday, February 1, 2014

Kim's Compassion: Say Cheese!

Our sponsored kids LOVE to receive photos...but have you ever considered sending your sponsored child a photo of himself?
From the time our children were small, we have taken them to every kind of photo session imaginable. We have photos running out of our ears! Our walls are encrusted with them and our hard drives are in meltdown mode!
But unlike our well documented kids, most children in impoverished communities do not have access to such a luxury. Cameras are a curiosity. In the developing world, it is almost impossible to take a photo of just one child. When the camera comes out, so does the village! It doesn't matter that they will never see the photo themselves. It just matters that someone, somewhere, will have captured a moment of their existence...that they will be remembered. To me, it is quite humbling for me to have photos of children whose own mothers don't have a photo!
Send a photo, and you send a treasure for the whole family!
You can email Compassion and ask for a high-quality digital image of your child.
Compassion US also has on record one earlier photo of your child, so be sure to ask for that one as well so your child can celebrate his growth!
 You can use a free site like PizAp to create collages and photos with text and frames...for FREE! After editing your photos, you can save them to your computer for printing.
Check it out at!

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  1. I've never used Pizap, but that's a neat collage!!!

    Last year I made photo collage using file folders for each child for his or her birthday. I posted it on my blog here:

    A number of the kids commented that now they have the photos on display in their house on a wall or table!!! My former sponsored child, Sherinah, said that receiving extra photos of herself was a treasure…especially the ones of when she was young!