Saturday, February 1, 2014

Kim's Compassion: Map It!

Most of our children exist in a world in which they are able to walk to everything they know. They may not have access to the internet or even updated textbooks! As sponsors, we have the privilege of sharing with our children about how big and diverse this world is.

To start your child on his or her journey of exploration, send a map of the world with your state and your child's city marked (don't get specific with your city--Compassion's rules to protect sponsors!). One of my children in Guatemala mentioned that school children do not have access to maps until they are in secondary school! Talk about the distance in terms they can, "You would have to walk 10 miles a day for a whole year to get to my home!"

Check out what my friend Paul Styrvoky made for his child!  I love how he says, "Even though we live far away, I feel close to because you pray for me, you write to me, and you care about me."
Another fun idea I found is these fun passports at only $6.75 per dozen! They come with 16 travel stickers for different countries, so you could write a letter about each country and send along the sticker for your child to put in his or her passport. You can easily find free coloring pages and flags to color for any country with a quick online search.
For those of you who don't need 12, consider purchasing anyway and sharing the idea with other sponsors that you know.

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  1. I love the passports!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Last year I made pages like Paul did by using google maps and the screen shot function. I also included a small photo of each kid…I shared it on my blog here: