Friday, June 27, 2014

Kim's Compassion: Adopted

Sometimes, it is hard to think of stories and situations that our sponsored children can relate to.

I have started taking note of the topics that I share with our children that they consistently respond to.

When we write about nature, they respond. I shared a letter about snow and many children have expressed their amazement.

When we write about a prayer request, they respond. I requested prayer for a very sick child in the Dominican Republic, and the children continue to pray for him.

When we write about sports, they respond. Dearest Mwadiga in Kenya--I sent him a soccer ball and he has talked my ear off about his soccer team!

When we share a personal story, they respond. All of the children responded enthusiastically when I shared about our trip to the apple orchard.

And surprisingly, when we share truth from God's Word, they respond. Many of our children have said that the carefully consider what we share from the Scriptures. Dayanidhi in India replied, "Thanks for advicing me."

I decided to write a letter that would incorporate several of these topics: animals, a story, and truth! I shared a story that they have perhaps of observed before. Perhaps they have experienced the fear of abandonment, loss, or rejection. Perhaps, in caring for livestock, they have observed little orphaned animals. Perhaps they are an orphan themselves.

There are many ways that you can use everyday events to express a spiritual truth to your sponsored child. I am so thankful that God continually teaches us through thousands of little experiences. Everywhere we look, we see evidence of His truth!

Dear Charles,
Hello beloved son! We send you greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ with prayers that you and all of your family are healthy and happy. All of our family is healthy and well. I want to tell you about something amazing that happened recently. Our cat Lucy had four kittens. As the kittens grew bigger, we began to give the kittens away to our friends. Soon, we had only one kitten left. One morning, one of my students brought a tiny kitten to school. The kitten was too small to be away from her mother. My student told me that a dog had killed the kitten's mother. He was afraid that the kitten would not live because she was too small to drink milk from a bowl. I decided to take the little kitten home with me to see if our cat, Lucy, would allow the kitten to nurse. We were afraid that Lucy would not accept the kitten because it did not belong to her. I took the kitten to Lucy when she lay down with her other kitten. The new kitten was much smaller than Lucy's kitten. Lucy smelled the new kitten and allowed her to nurse. Soon, the new kitten had been adopted. Lucy takes care of the new kitten just as if she had given birth to her. Lucy bathes the kitten, feeds the kitten, and protects the kitten. Lucy's first kitten plays with the new kitten just as if they had always been brother and sister. We have decided to keep the new kitten. Her name is Panda because she is very fluffy with black and white markings.
This story reminds me of  how God has made  all of us who believe in Christ to be a part of his family. We were born as a part of another family. The Bible says that we were born separated from God because of our sin. We were completely helpless and would have died in our sin. God, in His great mercy, saw our need. He sent His own Son Jesus to meet our need by taking the punishment for our sins. He then took us and made us a part of His own family. He adopted us as sons and daughters in His family. He loves us very much and cares for all of our needs. I John 3:1 says, "See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! " I love being a part of God's family. Because I am a part of His family, I get to have His name. I get all the benefits, blessings, and protection of my strong heavenly Father. Just as an earthly Father should protect and provide for his children, our heavenly Father does so in a perfect way for those who love and trust Him! Our earthly fathers and our earthly families may fail us or disappoint us, but God our heavenly Father is always faithful. He promised that He will never leave us or forsake us, that His love for us is everlasting, and that He is always thinking of us. Just like our new kitten Panda got a new brother when she was adopted by Lucy, we also get new brothers and sisters. All those who believe in Jesus are our Spiritual family. They help us and pray for us. Together we learn more about how we can serve God. I am glad that you and I are family because of our faith in Jesus. Even though we do not live close, we can still love and pray for one another.
Love, Kimberly


  1. Beautiful story! And great analogy the children can understand. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Dear Kimberly,
    You don't know me, but I am a sister of yours in Christ.
    I want to thank you so much for having shared this absolutely beautiful story and for having used it as a testimony to your sponsored children of God's adoption of us as sons and daughters through our faith in Jesus. It has ministered to my heart today and I want to be able to share it with my little girl that I am sponsoring in Haiti.

  3. What a beautiful illustration!!! I love how you explained such a beautiful truth about God via your kitten. Thanks for sharing!!