Saturday, February 1, 2014

Kim's Compassion: Let it Snow!

"Each flake has 6 sides, but though billions fall, no two are alike. In the same way, God made billions of people, but no one else is like you. You are very special, and He has a very special place in this world for you. He knows where ever. snowflake falls, and He knows His plans for you (Jer. 29:11)!"
This was an excerpt (and encouragement) from my snow themed letters for January. I sent photos of five magnified snowflakes to show this little aspect of God's amazing creativity, courtesy of National Geographic and a Google search!


You can also include fun photos of snowfall in your area, handmade paper snowflakes, circles for making snowmen...the possibilities are as varied as the subject!
I was careful to explain how snow happens. For smaller children, I used simple terms, like, "Snow happens when the weather is very cold and the rain freezes into ice. Have you ever seen ice?" For the older children, I was able to be a little more scientific.
Sponsors, don't forget: the lesson of the snowflake is for you too! You are super special, and God has purposefully placed YOU in a place of influence with your sponsored children! Make the most of it!

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